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"Misotheism" is from the Greek μισειν for "to hate" and θεος for "god".

Misotheism is hatred of God.[1]

It comes in two forms:

  • Belief that God exists, and hatred of Him;
  • Disbelief that God exists, and hatred of the idea of God.

The second form is much more common than the first as few people hate the attributes commonly attributed to God, such as Justice, Mercy, and Love, while atheists are often given to viewing theism is a destructive belief system, and thus hate the idea of God.

However, the first form does appear from time to time, as in Tori Amos' song chorus, "Sometimes, God, you just don't come through."

Misotheism is a form of blasphemy.

A similar belief is maltheism, the idea that there is a god or gods, who are evil.


  1. Mis"o*the`ism\, n. [Gr. ? to hate + ? god.] Hatred of God. --De Quincey.
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