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All content of A Storehouse of Knowledge, unless in the public domain, is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holders or A Storehouse of Knowledge.

Some content is provided with a licence, such as a Creative Commons licence, allowing reproduction of those contributions by third parties.


Contributions, except of third-party material, are made on the basis that A Storehouse of Knowledge is granted a licence to use the material and to allow others to reproduce it, as explained under Material licensed to site below. Copyright, however, remains with the authors.


  • Articles are all content in the main namespace of the site, excluding redirect pages. Articles include both textual and non-textual material.
  • Uploaded Files, such as images, are all files content in the "Files" namespace, but does not include text in the "Files" namespace.
  • Debates will be all content in a designated "debate" namespace.
  • Essays are designated pages in the User namespace.
  • Help Pages are all content in the "Help" namespace.
  • Discussion is all content in the various "talk" namespaces (including User Talk, File Talk, etc.)
  • Templates are pages in the "Template" namespace, which are "transcluded" into other pages.
  • Original material is any material which has not previously been published elsewhere.
  • Copied material is material which has previously been published elsewhere.
  • An Author is the author of text or the creator of uploaded files.
  • Single-author material is any text or uploaded files which are not available for being edited by other contributors. This includes images, essays, and talk-page comments.
  • Multiple-author material is any page which is allowed to be altered by other contributors. This includes articles, debates, help pages, and templates.
  • The copyright owner is the person who owns the copyright to any material. In most cases this will be the author.
  • A third party is someone who is not a contributor to A Storehouse of Knowledge.

Copyright status

This section should be read by anyone interested in reproducing content from this site.

All content (except that which is in the public domain) on A Storehouse of Knowledge is copyright and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.

Permission may be obtained in one of three ways:

  • If the material has an attached licence, the material may be copied in accordance with that licence. This applies to images in particular.
  • You may contact the copyright owner(s) and request permission to copy the material. This does not really apply to articles, as they are the combined work of a number of contributors. However, in theory, permission could be obtained from all contributors to that article.
  • You may contact A Storehouse of Knowledge and request permission to copy the material. This is the preferred method for multiple-author material. Permission will not be given for single-author material unless the author cannot be contacted or does not respond in reasonable time.

None of the above prevents anybody reproducing material as allowed under copyright laws, such as copying small amounts for purposes of quoting, review, etc.

In addition, readers are welcome to make electronic or printed copies of complete articles for personal, non-profit, use only. This includes passing copies on to friends to read.


This section should be read by people contributing to this site.

Material is contributed to A Storehouse of Knowledge on the following terms.

Copied material

Copied material which is in the public domain may be freely used for all content except Articles. (This restriction is because A Storehouse of Knowledge requires articles to be original content, except as allowed for in Copying from other sites). As far as possible, material in the public domain should be marked to indicate its public domain status.

Other copied material may be submitted to A Storehouse of Knowledge on the following conditions:

  • The contributor has the permission of the copyright owner (who may be the same as the contributor) to contribute the material to the site. This may be in the form of an existing licence.
  • The material is not used in Articles, except as allowed for in Copying from other sites. Material used in articles is subject to the provisions listed under "Original Material", below.
  • If subject to a licence, the material must have details of the licence included on the same page.

Original material

Copyright of original material (or copied material contributed under the provisions of Copying from other sites) remains with the author of that material, and that author, by contributing the material to this site, grants this site a licence to the material as explained in Material licensed to site, below.

In the case of Uploaded Files and Essays, the material may also be subject to another licence, such as a Creative Commons licence.

Note that even if the material has a separate licence, if it is contributed to A Storehouse of Knowledge by the copyright owner, the terms above apply.

Material licensed to site

All contributions, except material copyright by third parties, are considered to be licensed to A Storehouse of Knowledge for the following purposes:

  • To allow A Storehouse of Knowledge to publish such contributions.
  • To allow other contributors to A Storehouse of Knowledge to alter such contributions as is normal for a Wiki.
  • To allow A Storehouse of Knowledge to grant others the right to republish such contributions, including in return for payment.

Right to alter

A Storehouse of Knowledge reserves the right to modify these copyright provisions and terms of use as deemed necessary by the site administration. It will not do so, however, in a way which conflicts with the Non profit section below.

Non profit

The contributions of the volunteer contributors to this site will never be used for financial gain by the site or its management. That is, any and all income received by the site, including donations, money from sale of goods and services, or fees levied for copying material, will not be used to profit any individuals, including the site owner, other than as payment for goods and/or services provided. That is, such fees will be used to pay expenses associated with running this site, or donated to a charity or other worthwhile cause.


All copyright disputes shall be handled through a process designated by this site's administration. Failing any other dispute-resolution process, all disputes derived from this policy shall be handled through the Federal Magistrate's Court of Australia sitting at Melbourne.

Questions and answers

If I add text to an article, who owns the copyright on that text?

You do. By adding the text, you grant A Storehouse of Knowledge the right to use it, and you also grant us the right to allow others to use it, but the copyright remains with you, and you are free to use that text in any other way you wish.

Can I upload a photograph I've taken and release it under a Creative Commons licence?

Yes, although by uploading the photograph, you also grant us a licence to use it and to allow others to reproduce it. This is to avoid third parties having to get our permission to reproduce the text then getting permission from the copyright owner of each picture used in the article.

Can I upload a photograph taken by someone else, which has a Creative Commons or other licence?

Yes, if the licence allows it. In this case you can't give us permission to allow others to reproduce that photograph, although the licence may allow for that anyway.

Can I copy an article from Wikipedia to A Storehouse of Knowledge?

No, our rules require that articles be original, except that we do sometimes allow you to copy your own work to an article here. See Copying from other sites for more information.

Can I copy a template or help page from Wikipedia to A Storehouse of Knowledge?

Yes. In this case, the template or help page should include any applicable licence provisions, and that template or help page will be maintained on this site under the terms of that licence.

When would you allow a third party to copy articles?

We would likely give permission to a third party to copy one or a small number of articles to a sympathetic third party. If they were a non-profit group, we would be unlikely to charge a fee.

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