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All material on A Storehouse of Knowledge is copyright, and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the site, except as shown below.


  • Normal copyright provisions allow for copying small portions, such as for quoting, for review, etc.
  • Readers are welcome to make electronic or printed copies of complete articles for personal, non-profit, use only. This includes passing copies on to friends to read.
  • A contributor is free to copy his own work (unaltered by others) in any way he wishes.
  • Images will generally have their own copyright notice. Some images may be public domain, or under a GDFL licence, for example.
  • Some templates my be copied from Wikipedia or elsewhere. These will be reproduced under Wikipedia's licence, even if amended here. Such template pages will have their own copyright notices.

Right to alter

A Storehouse of Knowledge reserves the right to change these copyright provisions in the future.

Non profit

The contributions of the volunteer contributors to this site will ever be used to generate a profit. That is, any monetary income received by the site, including donations, money from sale of goods and services, or fees levied for copying material, will not be used to profit any individuals, including the site owner, other than as payment for goods and/or services provided. That is, such fees will be used to pay expenses associated with running this site, or donated to a charity or other worthwhile cause.

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