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A Storehouse of Knowledge is a Biblical, family friendly, general content online wiki encyclopaedia. It was founded in March 2009 by Philip J. Rayment, a former administrator at Conservapedia and editor at Wikipedia. A Storehouse of Knowledge strives to maintain a Christian-friendly viewpoint, while at the same time including content on a broad range of topics.



A Storehouse of Knowledge seeks to foster a friendly, democratic environment for editors. However, it also has a hierarchy, and productive and/or verified editors may be promoted and given additional user rights.


Much of the content on A Storehouse of Knowledge is related to Christianity and creationism. This only reflects the interests and expertise of the editors, however, and not a restrictive content policy.

A Storehouse of Knowledge prohibits objectionable material such as sexually explicit images or profanity in contrast to Wikipedia.[1] It is also the objective of the website to provide concise, informative articles that are usable for research purposes.


A Storehouse of Knowledge is based on the Biblical worldview. Rather than claiming to be neutral and then insert bias, A Storehouse of Knowledge is honest about its values and point of view.


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