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Melbourne School of Theology

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The Melbourne School of Theology is a non-denominational, evangelical, Protestant theological college in Melbourne, Australia.



The Melbourne School of Theology began as the Melbourne Bible Institute (MBI) on 13 September 1920, when it was started by Rev. C. H. Nash with one student in the church he then pastored, Prahran Independent Church. That student, Theo Lowther, went on to become Congregational Bishop of Bendigo.[1]

At the start of 1921, twenty two students were enrolled. Teaching moved to 38 Williams Road in Prahran, and accommodation was provided for students to live in, initially in South Yarra, and later in Prahran.[2][1]

In 1941 MBI moved to 117 Kooyong Road, Armadale.[2]

In 1978 MBI moved to Lilydale, and changed its name to Bible College of Victoria.[3]

In 2011 BCV moved to 5 Burwood Highway, Wantirna, and changed its name again, to the Melbourne School of Theology.[3]

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