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Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton.jpg
Born August 19, 1946 Hope, Arkansas
Spouse Hillary Rodham Clinton
Religious affiliation Southern Baptist
Political party Democrat
President of the United States
(Term 42)
From 20 January 1993
To 20 January 2001
Succeeded George H.W Bush
Preceded George W. Bush
Governor of Arkansas
(Term 40)
From 9 January 1979
To 19 January 1981
Succeeded Frank White
Preceded Joe Purcell
Governor of Arkansas
(Term 42)
From 11 January 1983
To 12 December 1992
Succeeded Jim Tucker
Preceded Frank White
Attorney General of Arkansas
(Term 50)
From 3 January 1977
To 9 January 1979
Succeeded Steve Tucker
Preceded Jim Clark

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III in 1946) is an American politician who served as the forty-second President of the United States (1993—2001), the fortieth and forty-second Governor of Arkansas (1979—1981 and 1983—1992), and the fiftieth Attorney General of Arkansas (1977—1979).

His Administration as President saw the passing of welfare reform, the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program. He was impeached for perjury after a scandal involving inappropriate conduct with a White House intern and obstruction of justice. He has high approval ratings compared to other Presidents out of office.

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