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Bread is a food made by cooking a dough of flour and water. Bread can be unleavened, or leavened with a leavening agent such as baking powder or yeast. Bread may have additional ingredients to change the flavor. Bread today is usually made from wheat flour. Bread is baked in an oven, or flatbreads can be cooked on a very hot surface.

Bread is important to Christians as part of Holy Communion, where it is used to represent (or even become, according to some Christians) the body of Christ. Many modern churches now use a flat wafer for this rather than actual bread, for the sake of convenience.

Bread is one of the few foods that can be usefully cooked twice. All bread is baked once to make it, but slices of leavened bread can then be heated a second time to create toast - a popular food in itself, especially for breakfast or afternoon tea.

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