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Campaigners for Christ

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Campaigners for Christ is an evangelistic Christian group in Australia, first established in early 1936[note 1] by Howell Swanton, Len Buck, and John Robinson.[2][3] These men were part of a Men's Bible Class, with Rev. C. H. Nash as their advisor.[4]

It gave birth to Everyman's Welfare Service, serving military personnel, and Prison Network Ministries, which works with women prisoners and their families in Victoria.[5][2]

Campaigners for Christ also ran youth camps at Belgrave Heights (in conjunction with the Belgrave Heights Convention), and at Cheshunt South in northeastern Victoria, the latter from 1983 to 1996.[6]


  1. Campaigners' inaugural meeting was held in Collins Street Baptist Church on 20 April 1936.[1]


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