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Carl Wieland

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Dr. Carl Wieland (1950—) is a leading biblical creationist and founder of Creation magazine. From 1987 to 2015, he was the CEO and/or Managing Director of Creation Ministries International.

Wieland is a former atheist and former medical doctor from South Australia who founded Creation magazine and started one of Australia's first creationist organisations, which subsequently merged with another organisation started by Ken Ham and John Mackay in Queensland, eventually becoming Creation Ministries International (CMI).

After the merger with the Queensland group, Wieland's involvement reduced to being a local representative for the organisation. Later he and his family decided to move to Cairns in northern Queensland, but on the way he was involved in a horrific road accident which left him badly injured. Whilst recuperating, he was asked to temporarily take over management of CMI (then known as the Creation Science Foundation) as Ham had moved to America to work with the Institute for Creation Research and Mackay had left CSF. The temporary involvement, however, became permanent, and headed the organisation until his retirement in March 2015.

His leadership of CMI brought the following characteristics to the ministry:[1]

  • An emphasis on convincing Christians—in preference to non-Christians—that the Bible's account of creation was trustworthy.
  • A refusal to allow the magazine to carry paid advertising.
  • A presuppositional approach rather than an evidential approach.
  • A determination that they should not tie themselves to any particular scientific model. CMI was the main promoter of the c-decay hypothesis, but discarded it when further research failed to support it.
  • A view that the ministry should not be dominated by any particular personality. In line with this, one of Wieland's achievements was to set up CMI-Worldwide, the federation of all the national CMI organisations.

As well as heading CMI, Wieland was a speaker with CMI and wrote articles for Creation, CMI's peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Creation, and CMI's web-site. Some of his key articles include:

Following his accident, Wieland underwent numerous operations to repair his body, and when one of his ribs was removed more than once to provide material for bone grafts, he learnt that the rib is the one bone in the human body which, in the right circumstances, can regrow. He has subsequently included this fact in some of his talks, pointing out that Adam need not have spent his life missing a rib!


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