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Cessna 172

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The Cessna model 172 "Skyhawk" is a 4-seat, single engine high-wing monoplane. It is the most mass produced aircraft in the world. It remains one of the most popular general aviation aircraft, and is still in production.

Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
Role 4-seat general aviation aircraft
First flight 1956
status In production
Number built 42,000+
Variants T-41 Mescalero (USAF Military variant)


The Cessna 172 is used in many roles. Some more common uses of the aircraft include pilot training, leisure flying, and patrols for the Civil Air Patrol.


The C172 is a high winged aircraft with a variable pitch propeller. A wingspan of 36 feet and a rate of climb of 750 feet/minute.

The recommended take off distance of about 1600 feet and a landing distance of about 1200 feet make it capable of using dirt strips at small, isolated airports.

It has electrically operated flaps and a mechanical rudder, elevator and aileron controls. The plane has dual controls and can be flown from either the left or right seat. It has a maximum cruise speed of around 120 knots and has a range of 700 nm with a service ceiling of 12,000 feet as the cabin is not pressurized.

The high wings, and the extensively glazed cockpit give the pilot excellent visibility when landing and during taxying.


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