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Chronology of unmineralised dinosaur fossils

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This page chronologically lists significant discoveries, announcements, and publications related to dinosaur fossils which are unmineralised or incompletely mineralised.

1961  Unmineralised dinosaur bones found in a half-metre thick bone bed in north-western Alaska, although not identified as such until 20 years later.[1]
1987  Part of the lower jaw of a duckbill dinosaur found on Bylot Island, Canada.[1]
2000  A Tyrannosaurus rex fossil was found in eastern Montana. The fossil, supposedly 68 million years old, was dubbed B. Rex and wrapped in protective plaster for transport. However it was too big for the helicopter to remove, so it was broken in two. Some of the broken fragments ended up with Mary Schweitzer.[2]
2005  Schweitzer announces the discovery of soft tissue in B. Rex.[3]
2007  Schweitzer announces the discovery of collagen in B. Rex.[2][4]



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