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Clifford Harris Nash

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Clifford Harris Nash
Born 16 December 1866 London
Died 27 September 1958 Melbourne
Parents Frederick John Nash

Ellen Nash

Spouse Louise Mary Maude Pearse
Religious affiliation Anglican
Principal, Melbourne Bible Institute
From 1920
To 1942

Rev. Clifford Harris Nash, widely known simply as C. H. Nash, was the founder and first Principal of the Melbourne Bible Institute (now the Melbourne School of Theology).

Nash gave a talk at Melbourne University when Robert Gordon Menzies, later Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister, was attending. During the talk, Nash held up a copy of the New Testament and said, "In this book is all I know of Jesus Christ and all I need to know of what God has in store for me.". Menzies later said that it was this dramatic statement by Nash that caused him to never give up reading his Bible.[1]

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