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Atomic symbol Cu
Atomic number 29
Atomic mass 63.55
Classification Transition
Melting point 1084.62°C1,357.77 K
1,984.316 °F
2,443.986 °R
Boiling point 2562°C2,835.15 K
4,643.6 °F
5,103.27 °R
Density 8.933 g/cm³
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Copper is a brownish/red metal that is an element with the atomic number of 29 and elemental symbol of Cu (from the Latin word referring to the island of Cyprus.) It is commonly found in the ground and mined in a number of countries, and also a trace element found in the human bloodstream. Copper is also used for decorative purposes and as a part of coins. Also, it is a part of multiple alloys, including brass (copper-zinc) and bronze (copper-tin).

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