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CreationWiki, founded in mid-2004 by the Northwest Creation Network, is an online wiki encyclopaedia of creation science, primarily from a young earth creationist perspective. It also contains articles about the Bible and Christianity.

CreationWiki protests what it believes to be a lack of weight given to creationist ideas on the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. As at late 2010, it contained nearly 5,000 content pages.[1]

Wiki information

CreationWiki allows editing only by registered users, and automatic registration has been disabled, requiring prospective users to apply to the administration for approval to edit. In addition, contributions to articles other than spelling and grammar corrections is limited to creationists, although (registered) non-creationists may also post comments on the talk pages.[2]

Amongst other MediaWiki extensions, CreationWiki uses the Semantic MediaWiki software to allow the addition of semantic content.

To facilitate a server relocation in May/June 2006, the editing history of the site was dumped, with the result that page editing histories give the misleading impression that they were created by the editor who last edited the page before the move.

CreationWiki has some rules and practices not normally found on Wikis, such as user talk pages not being allowed to be read by people other than the user concerned and a person posting a message[3], reversal of edits by an administrator being considered vandalism,[4] and that policy being used as a threat in response to reasoned questions.[5]


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