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Cuba is an island nation located in the Caribean sea. Ruled by Fidel Castro since the overthrow of the elected government. It is 150 km south of Key West Florida. It has a population of just over 11 million people with the majority(75%) being Roman Catholic. The primary language is spanish.

The country is communist and effectively a Dictatorship. Raul Castro Ruz took over as president when Fidel stepped down with health problems.

Cuba was a tourist destination for people from the USA and featured gambling, nightclubs and prostitution with some businesses owned by Americans. With the takeover by Castro in 1959 these businesses were confiscated. The US government retaliated by banning travel to Cuba , and the import of Cuban goods.

The island is mostly flat to rolling hills. There is a mountainous area in the southwest with a maximum height of approx. 6000 feet.

The US maintains the Guantanamo Navel Base which is leased from Cuba.

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