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Denatured alcohol

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Denatured alcohol is ethanol that is manufactured and/or sold for purposes other than beverage use, and is not subject to the taxes and restrictions on sale that are attached to alcoholic drinks. To prevent it from being consumed as a beverage, it may adulterated with small amounts of highly poisonous substances that are chosen to be impossible to separate from it by distillation, rendered too foul-tasting to drink, usually by the addition of a denatonium salt, or both. Despite this, denatured alcohol is sometimes consumed by alcoholics when they are unable to afford or obtain alcoholic drinks.

Methylated spirits is a type of denatured alcohol, comprising mostly ethanol with a small amount of the more-toxic and foul-tasting methanol.

Denatured alcohol may be used as rubbing alcohol, fuel, as a solvent for removing paint or dissolving other substances, or as a chemical reagent.

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