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George Verwer

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George Verwer
Born 3 July, 1938
Parents George Verwer, Sr.
Spouse Drena
Religious affiliation Protestant
Converted 4 March 1955
Converted under Billy Graham and Dorothea Clapp
International Director, OM
To 2003
Preceded Peter Maiden

George Verwer is the founder of OM (formerly Operation Mobilization), a Christian mission organisation.

Verwer was a student at Ramsey High School[1] in New Jersey when a housewife, Dorothea Clapp, who had been praying for the students, sent him a copy of the Gospel of John. Soon after he attended a meeting in New York where Billy Graham was the speaker, and Verwer committed his life to Christ.[2]

During the summer school break of 1957, Verwer and two fellow students went to Mexico to distribute copies of the Gospel of John. The following year he started studies at Moody Bible Institute, graduating from there in 1960. Then he started distributing Christian literature in Span and western Europe, and Operation Mobilization was born. In 1963 Operation Mobilization extended its activities into the Middle East, and the following year into India.[3]

In 1970, Verwer bought a ship, renaming it the Logos, and began Operation Mobilization's ocean-going ministry. Verwer was the International Director of Operation Mobilization until 2003, and is now involved with one of OM's


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