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Gadgets are additional functions for the MediaWiki software that this site uses, and which are optionally turned on or off by individual users.

To activate (or deactivate) your gadgets, go to the "gadgets" tab on the user preferences page.

The following gadgets are installed on A Storehouse of Knowledge.


Navigation popups

Popup on "encyclopædia" on the main page.

For more information see wp:Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups.

The navigation popups allow you to hover the mouse over internal links and pop up a small window with numerous features, including a preview of the first part of the article, links to the article's talk page, history, etc., and a host of other features.

The popups also work in the edit box, allowing you to check the correctness of links before saving your edits.

The popup is also highly configurable by users, including changing the background colour and fonts, as well as controlling the way the popup works. These configurations are made to your skin .css and/or .js files (e.g. monobook.js).

For example, you can make the following changes, plus over 50 other settings.

  • Only allow popups when holding down, say, the shift key.
  • Popup the links but not the article preview.
  • Allow shortcut keys.
  • Change the initial width of the popup.

A full list of configuration options is available at wp:Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups#Configuration (optional).

UTC Live Clock

This adds a clock in your personal toolbar (top right corner of the screen with the monobook skin) showing the time in UTC (GMT) (i.e. the time recorded in signature timestamps). Clicking the clock purges the server's page cache.

Ajax Preview

For more information see wp:user:js/ajaxPreview.

Ajax Preview adds new Preview button and a new Changes button above the edit box. The Preview button updates the preview quicker than reloading the entire page. The edit box is not reloaded, so the edit cursor and undo history is retained.

The preview includes a preview of references (but not other footnotes).

The normal preview button must still be used to update some other areas, such as categories, the edit summary, and the list of used templates.

Options are available to alter the position of the buttons, access keys, the button text, and scrolling. See wp:user:js/ajaxPreview#Configuration for instructions.

The code has been made compatible with Navigation Popups.

Edit top

This gadget adds an [edit] link to the first section of a page (the section before the first section heading).

Other history tab

The Other history tab gadget puts an additional tab on the page, for the history of talk pages on non-talk pages and for the history of non-talk pages on talk pages.

(This gadget is adapted from wp:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Six tabs.)

Date formatting

When the {{Date}} template is used, dates are output in both English (day/date/month/year) and U.S. (date/month/date/year) formats, but the latter is hidden by default. Also, the day of the week is shown, as well as ordinal indicators ('st', 'th', etc.)

US-format dates

This option turns on the display of U.S.-format dates and turns off the display of English-format dates.

Hide date ordinal indicators

This option turns off the display of the ordinal indicators.

Other customisations

Users can also set their own CSS pages to turn off the display of the day of the week or otherwise change the formatting of dates. See {{Date}} for details of what can be changed.

Show talk comments in local time

This gadget replaces signature timestamps from UTC to your local time as set in Preferences.

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