See something you'd like to change or add, but you've never edited an open encyclopædia before? This overview was written to help absolute beginners get started.

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There are several different ways to find your way around this encyclopædia.

ASK blue and red links.png

Virtually all articles include words or phrases shown in blue, which are links to other pages. Clicking on these links takes you to the linked page.

Words or phrases in red are links to pages which don't exist. Clicking on these will take you to a page where a logged-in contributor can create the article.


The "sidebar" on the left has various links to special pages in this encyclopædia.

Visitor navigation.png
  • Main page takes you to the main page.
  • Random page takes you to a random page in the main namespace.
  • Essays takes you to a list of essays by A Storehouse of Knowledge contributors.
  • Help takes you to this page
  • search can take you either straight to the page you type into the box, or can give you a list of pages matching a search. See more under "Searching" below.
Contributor navigation.png

The links in the 'contributor navigation' section are useful mainly for contributors to the encyclopædia.

  • Help takes you to a page of contents for numerous help topics useful for contributors.
  • Community portal is a page of links for contributors.
  • Style manual is a style guide for articles in the encyclopædia.
  • List of templates is a list of 'templates' that can be used to simplify editing.
ASK Site monitoring.png

The links in the 'monitoring' section are useful mainly for contributors monitoring changes to the encyclopædia.

  • Recent changes lists all recent changes to the encyclopædia, and can be filtered by namespace.
  • Membership candidates lists contributors who have been nominated for formal 'membership' of this encyclopædia.
  • New pages lists newly-created pages.
ASK toolbox.png

The links in the 'toolbox' section vary according to circumstances, but the following are what visitors see.

  • What links here: This provides a list of pages (on this encyclopædia) that have links to this page.
  • Related changes: This is a list of changes made recently to pages linked from the current page.
  • Special pages: This is a list of links to other pages, such as lists of all articles, the software version, statistics, etc.
  • Printable version: This loads a printable version of the page.
  • Permanent link: This provides a link to the current version of the page.
  • Browse properties: This allows you to browse the encyclopædia using semantic properties. See "Semantic browsing" at right.
ASK search box.png

If you type a search phrase in the search box in the sidebar and click the "Search" button, the software will search for a page with that phrase and for pages containing the words of that phrase. It will also then give you options to search in other namespaces of the encyclopædia.

Page tabs.png

Along the top of the page you will see several tabs. Visitors (those not logged in) will usually see the following tabs:

  • Page: The article page.
  • Discussion: A page where contributors have discussed the article.
  • View source: See the source code of the article.
  • History: A history of edits to the page including who edited it when and any comment they made with the edit.
ASK SMW browsing.png

The Browse properties link in the toolbox in the sidebar takes you to a page showing the properties of the current page, with links to other pages in the same category or categories, plus links to other pages with similar values of the same properties.

For example, if you were on the page shown in the picture, clicking the magnifying glass after the founding date of 1851 would list pages of other items with founding dates of 1851 or similar.

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