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Henry Morris

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Henry Madison Morris was born 1918 in Dallas, Texas and died 2006 in Santee, California. He was one of the founders of the Institute for Creation Research and the Creation Research Society. He was a young earth creationist and christian apologist.


  • Rice University BA in civil engineering 1939
  • University of Minnesota Masters and PhD in hydraulic engineering (1948, 1950)


  • 1951-1955, Professor , University of Louisiana
  • 1956-1957, Professor , Southern Illinois University
  • 1958- 1970, Professor, Virginia Tech
  • 1963 Founded the Creation Research Society
  • 1970 founded the Christian Heritage College
  • 1972 founded the Institute for Creation Research

Morris co-authored a text book on hydraulic engineering with J.M. Wiggert

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