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The Hittites were a civilisation which used to exist in the Middle East, in the area of Asia Minor and Syria.


The Hittites were first known from the Bible, which mentions them about 50 times.[1] Mentions include that they were descended from Noah's grandson Canaan[2], that Abraham buried his wife in a a cave he obtained from the Hittites,[3] and that King David had a Hittite killed so that he could take the man's wife for himself.[4]

However, for a long time, archaeologists doubted the accuracy of the Bible on the existence of the Hittites, because they had no found any evidence for them outside the Bible.

But in 1876 A. H. Sayce found inscriptions in Turkey which led him to believe that he had evidence of the Hittites, and in 1906 archaeologist Hugo Winckler began excavating at Boghaz-Köy in Turkey and found the former Hittite capital, Hattusha, along with five temples, a castle, sculptures, and more than 10,000 clay tablets.[5]


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