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Jamaica is an island and nation in the Caribbean Sea, one of the Greater Antilles. Following the discovery of America, it was settled by Europeans who largely supplanted the indigenous population, and who later brought over large numbers of African slaves. It became part of the British Empire. Today Jamaica is an independent country and a member of the Commonwealth; its population is mainly descended from slaves of African origin and, to a lesser extent, from European colonists.

Internationally, Jamaica is famous for its music. Ska, rocksteady and especially reggae music have achieved a level of visibility and success unequalled by any other form of 'world' music, so much so that they are now not often categorised as such. Jamaica is also associated with the Rastafari religion, although Christianity is a common religion there as well.

Jamaica's capital city is Kingston and it is divided into the counties of Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. Its official language is English.

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