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Jerry Brown

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Jerry Brown
Born 7 April, 1938
Spouse Anne Gust
Political party Democratic Party
Governor of California
(Term 1)
From 1975
To 1983
Succeeded Ronald Reagan
Preceded George Deukmejian
Governor of California
(Term 2)
From 2011
Succeeded Arnold Schwarzenegger

Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (b. 1938) is the current governor of California. He also as served as governor from 1975 to 1983 and has previously been California's secretary of state, attorney general, and Democratic Party chairman. Brown was also the mayor of Oakland, California.

As Attorney General of California, he was heavily involved in legal proceedings around Proposition 8 (ban on same-sex marriage). He unsucessfully advocated before the Supreme Court of California, on quite novel legal grounds, that Proposition 8 was invalid. Later, he decided not to appeal the federal court decision Perry v. Schwarzenegger that held that Proposition 8 violated the federal constitution.

In his second term as Governor, some of the more notable legislation he has signed includes California's adoption of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

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