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John W. Loftus

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John W. Loftus is an atheist author and blogger who was once a Christian minister.

Loftus' change from Christianity to atheism began following an affair that he had, and was influenced to a great extent by the claims of evolution.[1][2]

Loftus now runs the Debunking Christianity blog site, and has written or edited several books critical of Christianity, including The Christian Delusion, The End of Christianity, and Christianity is Not Great.

Loftus at times fails to actually address the claims he is attempting to debunk. For example, he attempts to show that the Great flood of Noah's time "couldn't have happened", but fails to even acknowledge the arguments of flood geologists, let alone address them.[3] For example, flood geology has long claimed that the description in Genesis of the waters covering the highest mountains refers to the mountains then existing, and that many mountains were formed during the flood, citing Psalm 104:8, NASB. Yet Loftus' arguments against the flood include the point that there is not enough water to cover the Himalayan mountains.

Loftus is highly critical of Christian apologist James Patrick Holding, who in turn is highly critical of Loftus, and Holding once caught him out pretending that he had "recently noticed" an anti-Holding blog, which it turned out he himself had created.[4]


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