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Julia Gillard

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Julia Gillard
Born 29 September 1961 Barry, Wales
Parents John Gillard

Moira Gillard

Partner Tim Mathieson
Religious affiliation None
Political party Australian Labor Party
27th Prime Minister of Australia
From 24 June 2010
To 27 June 2013
Succeeded Kevin Rudd
Preceded Kevin Rudd
Leader, Australian Labor Party
From 24 June 2010
To 26 June 2013
Succeeded Kevin Rudd
Preceded Kevin Rudd

Julia Gillard became Australia's first female Prime Minister in June 2010 when her party, the Australian Labor Party, replaced Kevin Rudd with her in advance of the upcoming election. She was Prime Minister for the latter part of the 42nd Australian Parliament and most of the 43rd Australian Parliament, but was in turn replaced by Kevin Rudd in June 2013.

Gillard was a founder of Emily's List Australia, a group set up with the goal of getting more pro-abortion and pro-affirmitive action women into parliament. She is generally considered an atheist, although she has not explicitly said so.

Religious beliefs

Gillard is widely regarded as an atheist, although she has apparently not described herself in those exact terms. Instead, she has said that she is a "non-practising Baptist", and calls herself "not religious."[1] She has also said that she does not believe in God and that "I am not going to pretend a faith I don't feel".[2] John Elder, writing in The Age (Melbourne), referred to Gillard as an "avowed atheist".[3] Atheist Catherine Deveny wrote:

I'm actually more thrilled she's an atheist than a woman (when asked if she was an atheist she replied 'no comment' and has called herself a 'non practicing Baptist' which is clearly code for don't ask don't tell.)[4]

When Gillard took her oath as Prime Minister, she made an affirmation rather than take an oath on the Bible, possibly the first Prime Minister to do so.[5]


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