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Morocco is a country in northwestern Africa. As of a 2013 estimate, the population was 32,950,000.[1]

Rabat is the national capital, but Casablanca is the largest city.

The official languages are Arabic and various Berber languages. French is also widely used, since Morocco is a former colony of France.


Morocco is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea to the north, which is separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, Ceuta is a city of Spain that borders Morocco near the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco is bordered by Algeria to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The Canary Islands are located about 100 kilometers62.137 miles
4,970.97 chains
off the coast of Morocco.

Morocco claims a disputed region to the south called Western Sahara. Western Sahara itself is bordered by Mauritania to the south and east.


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