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Mosaic law

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The Mosaic law is the set of commandments and laws given by God to Moses after he led the Israelites out of Egypt, and which are recorded in the Bible. This set of laws includes both the Ten Commandments and hundreds of other commandments.[note 1]

These laws were part of the old covenant (contract) between God and the Israelites, but this covenant was replaced by a new covenant with Jesus.

Therefore Christians generally believe that much if not all of the Mosaic law is no longer applicable, although they differ on how much and the reasons why. Some Christians believe that the Mosaic law can be divided into different types of law, such as moral and ceremonial, and that the ceremonial law is done away with but the moral law remains. Others believe that the Mosaic law was done away with in its entirety, but that the new covenant includes its own laws, many of which may be the same as under the old covenant.

Observant Jews still keep much of the Mosaic law, but not all of it - laws about sacrificing animals, for example, are regarded as anachronistic.


  1. Fruchtenbaum puts the number of other commandments at 603.

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