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What does the Bible say
about Peace?

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Peace is word describing a state of tranquility that has various specific applications in the modern usage.

In geopolitics, peace is the absence of war. Many people see world peace, ie a state where there are no wars in progress anywhere in the world, as an ideal to strive for; it is a major goal of international organisations such as the United Nations but has never yet been achieved, although a long and unprecedented period of peace has been achieved in western Europe and North America since the mid-twentieth century, largely through diplomacy and mutually beneficial trading relations. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year to an individual or organisation who furthers the cause of global peace in the political sense.

In religion, peace often refers to a more personal sense of calm that stems from being comforted or untroubled. Jesus often used the greeting or blessing 'peace be with you', which is still repeated during church services around the world. It is equivalent to the Jewish greeting Shalom.

Jesus is sometimes called "the Prince of Peace", a title taken from Isaiah 9:6. This has been interpreted to refer to both political and spiritual peace, or both.

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