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Phyllis Schlafly

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Phyllis Schlafly (née Stewart; born on August 15, 1924, in St. Louis, Missouri) is an author and conservative activist. She is also the founder of the Eagle Forum.


Schlafly is especially noted for two things, authoring A Choice, Not an Echo, in support of Barry Goldwater in the 1964 U.S. Presidential election and as one of the leaders of the opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. She is also opposed to feminism in general.

She originally applauded the creation of the United Nations but has since been critical of it. She has also voiced opposition to the World Trade Organisation and to American military intervention overseas.

Personal Life

Schlafly attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri., graduating in 1944 with a bachelor's degree. While in school, she worked part-time test-firing machine gun ammunition. She also received a Master's degree in Government from Radcliffe in 1945 and a J.D. from Washington University in 1978.

She was married to John Fred Schlafly, Jr. (1909–1993) for forty-four years until his death, and is the mother of six children: John, Bruce, Roger, Liza, Anne, and Conservapedia founder Andrew.

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