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Rocksteady is a style of Jamaican music that was popular in the 1960s. It succeeded ska music and preceded reggae, and could be considered an intermediate step between the two since it shares characteristics of both: it has the off-beat emphasis and positive outlook of ska, but its slower tempo and syncopation more resemble reggae. As is often the case with genres of music, categorisation is not always clear-cut; for example, the song One Step Beyond by Madness mentions its "rockingest rocksteady beat" in the introduction, but the song itself might be considered closer to ska because of its walking bassline and frenetic pace.

As well as Jamaica, rocksteady became popular in areas of the United Kingdom, first among Jamaican immigrants and then among some members of white working-class communities. In Britain it was sometimes known as bluebeat music, after Bluebeat Records, who released a lot of the most popular rocksteady recordings. Prince Buster was one of the most successful rocksteady artists.

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