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Sidney Myer

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Sidney Myer
Born 8 February 1878 Krichev, Russia
Died 5 September 1934 Toorak, Australia
Parents Ezekiel Baevski

Koona Dubrusha Shur

Spouse Hannah Flegeltaub
Spouse Marjorie Merlyn Ballieu
Religious affiliation Christian
Converted c1920
Converted under Edwin Lee Neil

Sidney Myer was a Russian Jew who immigrated to Australia and founded the Myers stores based in Melbourne and returned much of his wealth to the people of Victoria.


Sidney Myer (born Simcha Baevski in 1878) migrated to Melbourne from Russia in 1899, aged 20. He arrived with virtually no money, but got work with his brother Elcon in a clothing business in Flinders Lane. Later, the two worked as hawkers around Bendigo, then in 1900 they set up a drapery business in Bendigo. After this business closed, Sidney moved back to Melbourne in 1911 and bought Wright & Neil, a drapery business in Bourke Street.

With his innovative sales methods, the business did well, and three years later Myer opened his "Myer Emporium", an eight-story building in Bourke Street.

Lee Neil was a member of the Neil family which part-owned Wright and Neil, and worked there as its accountant, and when Myer bought the business, he stayed on and managed the business for Myer. When the business was incorporated in 1917, Neil became a managing partner in Myer's business.


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