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The Offspring

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The Offspring
The offspring.jpg
Genre(s) Punk rock, Pop punk, Alternative rock, Skate punk
Years Active 1985-present
Origin Orange County, California
Influenced By Agent Orange, Black Flag, Descendants, The Damned, Nirvana
Influenced Teeth, The Protocol, misono, The Naked Apes, At the Spine
Official Website

The Offspring is a pop punk band from Orange County, California and is one of the most successful to emerge from the punk explosion of the 1990s.[1] It was formed by lead singer Dexter Holland and bass player Greg K, friends from high school. The original name of the band was "Manic Subsidal".

Current Members[2]


Album Year
Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace 2008
Greatest Hits 2005
Splinter 2003
Conspiracy Of One 2000
Americana 1998
Ixnay On The Hombre 1997
Smash 1994
Ignition 1992
Offspring 1989
Single Year
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid 2008
Hammerhead 2008
Can't Repeat 2005


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