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This user believes that "Magic man done it" isn't science.

Hi I am π. I am also known by that name also at RationalWiki. A would like to help out here more but a have a far too many commitments and my spare time, and often time I can't spare, is largely spent at RW. For those who have not noticed it yet I have weak English skills and for someone born in Australia this is not a good sign. [1]

I have recently learnt PERL and if Philip ever gets the API fixed up I will hopefully be able to help out in the form of bots.

If anyone one wants anything fancy done with templates and parser function you are more than welcome to ask me and I will do anything that needs doing.

As my name implies I am a mathematician by training however I will rarely contribute to anything like that. I am currently writing up my thesis and if I want to spend three hours doing TeX and using phrases such as "consider a function..." "it can clearly be seen that" I can think of a way it will be more profitable to me personally. At the moment I am basically going through the motions and it bores me as I haven't solved a problem I have been interested in months, so if you can come dump huge difficult problems on me I will be happy.[2] However if you need TeX help or have technicalish question[3] you can ask me and I will get back to you.

Anyway I hope I have introduced myself with out sounding too Ed like[4], you all know where to find me if you want me.

  1. On a side note I must agree with Andy that the teaching of phonics is better than the whole word approach, I can spell scientific words much better because I have learnt to recognise the word by that weird Greek-Latin hybrid they are. However I will not have a bar of his stupid belief that it somehow politically motivated.
  2. The automated Holydaze templates at RatWiki is the kind of things that makes working on a wiki worthwhile.
  3. I am an applied mathematician after all.
  4. I am a wiki expert and teach maths but won't write about it, please love me.
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