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Yes, that Ames.

Yes, that Ames too.

No, contrary to Karajou/TK, I haven't had an account @ Conservapedia in well over a year and a half.

No, I'm not as evil as they'll tell you!

No, I'm not anti-Christian. I think PJR is a good guy and want him to succeed.

No, I won't stay to do a whole lot of editing, because I'm not sure I could add a whole lot of Christian content.

But yes, I'll be happy to help otherwise!

My Position on A Storehouse of Knowledge

I'm glad to see that Philip has finally broken away from Conservapedia, and started his own encyclopedia here. While I won't ever agree with Philip on some certain points of his beliefs - creation, homophobia, etc. - I believe he has a right to describe them, and expose them to debate and discussion, in the grand, recent tradition of the internet. I believe Phil can help create the useful open dialogue and discussion that Conservapedia stifled, leading to its demise.

Accordingly, here's what I hope to see at aSK. I expect Phil, Tim, & co. to create an encyclopedia built from a fundamentalist Christian perspective. I hope he'll allow users to freely debate his articles on the talk pages, and perhaps also allow we non-fundamentalists to include "but other people believe..." sections on the article pages themselves. In return, I expect those who disagree with his mission and primary beliefs limit their commentary to talk pages and, if he agrees, "but other people believe..." sections. Because Phil seems committed to treating us with respect, I hope we will return the favor. Ames 20:57, 27 March 2009 (UTC)

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