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These are constructs I use a lot, especially on Research pages and to transfer content from Research space to Main space.

{{article}} on the [[Some article]] page, and {{research}} on the [[Research:Some article]] page.

: <nowiki>{{ref|<bibliographic info>|name=Author9999}}</nowiki>
: <nowiki><ref name="Author9999" /></nowiki>

The following isn't needed anymore because Philip made an {{excerpt|...}} template for me.

<div class="collapsible collapsed" style="margin-left:25px; border:1px black solid; padding:0.5em"><div>'''Excerpts:'''</div><div>
* ...
== Notes ==

{{note list}}

<nowiki>== References ==</nowiki>



{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"  align="center" style="text-align:center;"
|+Table caption
!Col 2
!Col 3
!Row 2
|align="right" |right aligned
!Row 3
|something long
!Row 4
|colspan="2" align="left" |left aligned
Table caption
Corner Col 2 Col 3
Row 2 ... right aligned
Row 3 something long
Row 4 left aligned

<span style="color:blue;">Blue</span> → Blue

Usage notes for Template:Ref

Note A: As with any positional template parameter, use the form 1=content if the content contains an equals sign (=), which is reasonably common in URLs.
I've run into this a couple times. It's frustrating, if you don't know this trick.

Note B: Using the name parameter is equivalent to naming a reference tag: <ref name="name">

Note C: This template (along with <ref> tags) should not be used on talk pages, as a references section is usually impracticable on talk pages that are continually being extended and archived.

<ref> tags cannot be nested, which means that you cannot have a note with its own reference using tags, such as <ref group="note">This note contains a reference<ref>This is the reference.</ref> in the note.</ref>. However, this template can be included in <ref> tags.

If the argument has complicated formatting, the "1=" trick might not work quite right. You could then consider putting the offending character(s) in <nowiki></nowiki> tags.

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