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Young Earth proponents

  • Evidence for a young world, Author: Dr. Russell Humphreys, Creation Ex Nihilo 13(3):28-31, June-August 1991 (He had a [slightly different list] in 2005.)
    1. Comets disintegrate too quickly.
    2. Not enough mud on the sea floor.
    3. Not enough sodium in the sea.
    4. Earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast.
    5. Many strata are too tightly bent.
    6. Injected sandstone shortens geologic 'ages'.
    7. Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic 'ages' to a few years.
    8. Helium in the wrong places.
    9. Not enough Stone Age skeletons.
    10. Agriculture is too recent.
    11. History is too short.
  • young-age-evidence, answersingenesis
    • 60 or 70 topics, organized in Astronomy, Atmospheric Science, Botany, Geology, Glaciology, Human History, and Oceanography
  • Biblical Young Earth Creationism
    • many links, e.g. to articles on "Young Earth Creationism by CreationWiki", including
    • also links to "Responses to Anticreationists"
      • Polonium haloes indicate a young earth (Talk.Origins)
      • Isochron date of young Grand Canyon lava is excessively old (Talk.Origins)
      • Earth's magnetic field is decaying, indicating a young earth (Talk.Origins)
      • The frequency of leap seconds indicates a young earth (Talk.Origins)
      • Earth's rotation is slowing, indicating a young earth (Talk.Origins)
      • Io's great volcanic activity indicates a young age (Talk.Origins)
      • Shrinking sun indicates a young sun (Talk.Origins)
      • Helmholtz's contraction theory says the sun is young (Talk.Origins)
      • The faint young sun paradox contradicts an old earth (Talk.Origins)
      • Erosion rate of Niagara Falls' rim indicates young earth (Talk.Origins)
      • Average soil depth is consistent with young earth (Talk.Origins)
      • Human population growth indicates a young earth (Talk.Origins)

Old Earth proponents


Philip's list


A) Existence of unfossilised dinosaur material.
B) Accumulation of salt in the oceans.
C) Geological evidence for the Flood (which therefore takes care of most of the evidence for geological time).
D) The existence of oil and gas reserves which are still under pressure.
E) The degeneration of the human genome.

A selection, i.e., Outline of an article

Astronomy (Age of the Universe)

The Spiral Structure of Galaxies

  • Scheffler, H. and Elsasser, H., Physics of the Galaxy and Interstellar Matter, Springer-Verlag (1987) Berlin, pp. 352–353, 401–413.
  • D. Zaritsky, H-W. Rix, and M. Rieke, Inner spiral structure of the galaxy M51, Nature 364:313–315 (July 22, 1993).

Comets disintegrate too quickly.

  • Evidence for a young world (Humphreys) #3 - "Evolutionists explain this discrepancy by assuming that (a) comets come from an unobserved spherical “Oort cloud” well beyond the orbit of Pluto, (b) improbable gravitational interactions with infrequently passing stars often knock comets into the solar system, and (c) other improbable interactions with planets slow down the incoming comets often enough to account for the hundreds of comets observed." Pity he doesn't discuss quantitatively what he means by "improbable".
  • Comets and the age of the solar system, by Danny Faulkner, First published: TJ (now Journal of Creation) 11(3):264–273, December 1997 - detailed and reasonable intro to comets, but may be dated, and doesn't get to the nitty gritty of whether there is any reason the comets cannot be produced by some combination of the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt
  • Kuiper Belt Objects: solution to short-period comets?
  • More problems for the ‘Oort comet cloud’

Accumulation of meteoritic dust on the Moon

Earth's rotation is slowing, indicating a young earth / Speed of Moon Recession

Saturn’s Rings Short-Lived and Young

Geology (Age of the Earth)

Helium in the wrong places.

Earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast.

Polonium Halos

This should possibly be tackled in the article on radioactive dating.

Not enough mud on the sea floor.

Not enough sodium in the sea.

transferred content to Research:Sodium balance of the ocean

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