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I'm here mainly to edit. A new encyclopædia like this one inevitably has a lot of red links for important topics, so my plan is to minimise this problem by looking at Special:WantedPages and creating articles for the items high up that list. This is something of a self-perpetuating activity, as the new pages will themselves contain red links that bump other items up the wanted list, meaning that the pages I'm creating are often coming in groups that are all related to a given topic.

I'm not above occasionally commenting in talk page discussions, although I think some of the longer ones that are cropping up are a bit of a waste of energy. In almost all cases, I think the time and effort could be far better used adding much-needed content to articles. A useful exercise is to check Recent Changes using this link.

I'm a senior member of this site, so if there's anything I can help with in that capacity please ask. Perhaps I can help YOU!


Recommended reading

Under the influence of the number one international rudesby Richard Dawkins and others, a lot of internet people tend to approach religious questions in entirely the wrong way. Most of the time, this results in their getting a bit hung up on the Book of Genesis. To them I say that just because it's positioned first in the Bible doesn't mean you have to read it first. If you are having trouble with Genesis, I recommend you dip into the Psalms. In a good translation, they ought to tell you something about what religion is.

I'm a fan of Dante too and I think everyone should read the Divine Comedy. My favourite bit is where Dante first enters the icy gloom of Cocytus.

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This user's favourite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes

Template I have created

I made this: {{concordance}}. Please add it to appropriate pages.

I also made this souped-up alternative to the usual talk page quote template. Find it at {{tqb}}.


I've written a short essay. A precis of it is that I don't think it's productive to point out people's perceived logical fallacies by name when you're debating with them. Far better to show why something is wrong than to give it a label and claim victory.

What people are saying about me

I find when I read CPalmer's posts I have images of Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka saying "Mumbler!"


CPalmer is a very obvious parodist.


Your contributions are often counterproductive and unhelpful.

User:Teh Terrible Asp, personal communication.

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