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User:ColbertFan/Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler!

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This is an essay by ColbertFan.
Please comment only on the talk page. ColbertFan

I will be debunking the claim, or the validity of the claim, that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler were atheists.


Stalin and Mao

This is like the argument I hear against communism, they were COMMUNISTS. Stalin and Mao carried their supposed evil actions[1] because of their political ideology not of their religion.

Stalin and Mao, even though they were Atheists, didn't care much about their 'religion'.

Pol Pot and Hitler

Finally, non-communists. First, Hitler was a revisionist Christian. He believed that Jesus Christ hated Jews when only "St." Paul did.

I don't know much about about Pol Pot expect that he was a mass-murderer.

What if they were ALL totalitarian and atheist?

So, what would it have to do with modern atheists?


  1. I am a Stalinist-Maoist
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