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Christ is risen!

Location United States of America
Membership Senior Member
Joined 24 January,
2010 AD / 6013 AM
Expertise Science, math, law, history (especially American history), theology, grammar/style/redirects
Status Still alive
This user is a Christian.
This user is an exile from Conservapedia.
This user's favourite book of the Bible is Isaiah
This user is a libertarian

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My contributions

As much as time permits, I'm planning to work down Special:WantedPages and User:EvanW/Wikimedia's List of Recommended Articles, as well as making quick pages on stuff that I'm looking at at the moment. Help would be greatly appreciated on this! If we're hoping for this encyclopedia to become significant or even useful, we need to have a good overview of most topics.

I hereby agree to license any of my contributions to A Storehouse of Knowledge made before or while this text is on this page under the the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License, in addition to aSK's general copyright terms. Please be aware that other contributors probably haven't done the same, so be sure not to inadvertently violate their copyrights.

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