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For the purpose of moving original works created by me, this user identified herself as "JessicaT" on CP (until hounded out by the Terry and John show).
Location Johannesburg (or Tokyo during my holidays and hopefully permanently soon)
Membership Member
Joined 26 March, 2009
Role(s) Helping any way I can
Expertise English, Japanese, Japanese culture (and some history), although anything is easy to research if you put your mind to it.
Status Not Very Active Gomen!

"A kind word can warm three winters" - Japanese proverb.

Konnichiha! O-genki, desu ka? (Good day! How are you?) I am Jessica Kotomi (I had better explain that - converted Japanese also take on a "Western" Christian name together with the family and given names, but we can be called by either. Add to that the fact that back home I am called by my family name 90% of the time anyway, and it can get very confusing!), 26, a Christian Japanese, although I have lived outside the country now for nearly 12 years (masaka!), as my father was transferred abroad. (Serves him right for being the youngest son of a youngest son!)

I was recently asked off-site if my name has a meaning and so, to provide some useless trivia, my name is derived from the kanji "koto" (異) and "mi" (美) and can be translated as "uncommon beauty" (ah, my modest parents!). My family name isn't quite as glamourous, however. It is the 4th most common name in Japan and 田中 basically means "middle of a rice paddy".

My hobbies are kendo (as well as kenjutsu) and shogi and I am a qualified English teacher.

If anybody does need help with anything, please ask. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (This is a difficult phrase to translate, because it means many things, from "Best regards" to "Please look after me".)

A poem on Sakura (Cherry blossoms)

The Japanese have a special relationship with the ornamental cherry tree that bloom each spring. It is a mono no aware thing - we see more beauty in a falling flower, than a blooming flower. As an old tanka poem (a forerunner to the haiku, with 31 syllables) dating back to the 13th century says, "If there were no sakura in the world, I could live calmly in spring."
世の中に Yo no naka ni
絶えて桜の Taete sakura no
無かりせば Nakari seba
春の心は Haru no kokoro wa
のどけからまし Nodoke karamashi

Warehouse & Sandbox

  • My warehouse to store already created articles, which must be worked on, before transferring to mainspace.
  • My sandbox. Bucket and spade time!

Articles I Have Created or Expanded

Below is a list of articles I have either created, or expanded. It is not much at the moment, but I am sure it will grow as time allows.

Shogi - expanded Anglican Episcopal Church of Japan - new World Council of Churches - new
Japan - expanded Hiragana Katakana
Kendo Kyoto Kabuki
Noh theater Bunraku Japanese numerical system
Japanese date system Particles (Japanese)
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