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I am not what this site would call a "biblical Christian", that is not my worldview. But it is an interesting exercise, to try to write an article which someone of that worldview would not object to. At the end of the day, a lot of facts are just plain facts, and pretty well everyone will agree on them. My actual worldview is described on the website about my religion of Maratreanism. I wanted to create an article here about my religion too, but Philip says we are not notable enough for that. That's fine — it's his wiki, he makes the rules.


  • I am sympathetic to creationism, which is popular with some people on this site. I am not 100% sure it is true — evolution is a possibility — but I think creation is more likely. More precisely, I would be a Young Earth Creationist rather than an Old Earth Creationist.
  • However, I am not a supporter of scientific creationism, I don't see creationism as a scientific theory. In terms of a scientific explanation of life, I accept semi-omphalist evolutionism — the theory that life appears to have evolved, but which is agnostic as to whether it actually has.
  • I am also not a Biblical creationist. I don't believe in the literal truth of the Bible. I think some parts may be divinely inspired, but other parts definitely aren't. I don't believe in a global flood in Noah's time for instance. (Maybe there was a flood in Noah's day, but it was probably a local flood that got exaggerated by storytellers into something much bigger than it actually was.)
  • Biblical Young Earth Creationists are quite attached to a figure like 6000 years. I am more flexible — I'd estimate somewhere between 10,000 years on the low end, and 10 million years on the high end, but I'm not sure exactly where. Probably closer to 10,000 than 10 million, but both are possibilities. But I doubt it is much less than 10,000 years. (The Biblical creationist claim of 6000 years is not impossible to me, but I doubt it.)
  • Rather than only one past, it is possible the universe has multiple simultaneous pasts, if our universe is the product of the merger of multiple universes with convergent histories. In which case, the question of how old the universe is might not have one single answer.

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