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Hello ..........Hello..........Hello..........hello hmm echo ... hehehe

Formal warning

This is a formal notice that the Umpire who posted this considers this to be a breach of our standards of civility. See Civility breach for what constitutes a breach.

You are being given a 1-second block as a record of this warning.

A repeat offence, failure to justify, or failure to retract and apologise will result in a sanction.

See Sanction policy#Civility Breaches for details of sanctions.

I said to you If you don't withdraw that (or justify it) I'll formally warn you, and that warning will include other comments you've made recently that I've (informally) warned you about.

Perhaps you meant your THREATS !! section to be that justification, but given that your attempt is by no means clear justification, combined with your further accusations, I'm hereby requiring you to justify your multiple accusations and claims. I require you to justify or withdraw and apologise the following statements (bolded parts where applicable) that you have made.

  • From here:
    • "That sets the state for abuse and that is what you do.
    • "The only difference between you and the Westboro church is that they actually believe and act in accordance with those beliefs,…"
  • From here:
    • "you have been thrown off of several wikis for misconduct,"
  • From here:
    • "I havew never made a false accusation."
      • You don't have to answer this one if you can justify every other of your accusations listed here.
    • "not thrown off any wiki ? thats an interesting viewpoint I suppose."
      • The insinuation is that my denial (" Completely untrue. I have not been thrown off any Wiki") is anything but completely true.
  • From here:
    • "yup, Phillip is saying "these dates dont fit my version of a biblical worldview so its just all [deleted]. The people who suggest these time spans are godless liars It must be nice to take thousands of years of research and just pretend none of it exists."
  • From here:
    • "…evidence. You dont have it, Sarfati doesnt have it , so all these claims are complete fabrications."
  • From here:
    • "on this what about your incivility in accusing hundreds of people about deliberate fraud and misrepresentation ?"
  • From here:
    • "It is very bad practise and is not accepted in scholarly articles to put the evidence for claims in a see also article for which you receive money."
      • The insinuation that Sarfati receives money for sale of items he references.
    • "Hamster leaving the field to the BULLY !"
  • From here:
    • "once again an agreived party uses his position (self appointed) to threaten and intimidate."
      • The insinuation that I have no right to police my own website.
      • The accusation that I'm threatening, in the sense that I'm doing anything improper.
      • The accusation that I'm intimidating, in the sense that I'm doing anything improper.

Philip J. Raymentdiscuss 14:40, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

You have defied this warning and made no attempt to retract and apologise or to justify. Instead, you have been further uncivil, making blatantly false allegations, here. I respond to these here:
  • "stuff your warning."
    • This shows your refusal to take responsibility for your actions, or to respond civilly.
  • "You will win by banning people…"
    • I do not "win" an argument by banning people. That is illogical. I ban people who are very uncivil, are vandals, etc., to prevent further occurrences. I have also said that you are not likely to be banned, just blocked for a while (although that depends on how far you push it). Yet here you go implicitly claiming that I will ban you despite denying that and without you offering any evidence that I'm wrong. However, perhaps this is meant to provoke me to do that, so that you can claim that you were justified in alleging it. If I eventually do, it will be because of the false allegations you have made and refused to address, not because of any impropriety on my part.
  • "…and then wiping out the evidence that you are wrong more often than not…"
    • Again, the allegation of me wiping evidence is one that I have specifically and explicitly denied, and you repeat it without the slightest attempt to justify the allegation. The further allegation that I'm wrong more often than not is also something that is just bluster on your part, and baseless.
  • "…you dont justify your opinions…"
    • I don't need to justify opinions that are stated as opinion; that's the nature of opinions. But I frequently do anyway, so another baseless allegation.
  • "…you arent really a christian…"
    • Another baseless allegation. And again, at a time you've already been uncivil and have been warned about it, so this is you just being rude and arrogant.
  • "…and you survive because you are the only person who determines who gets banned."
    • As I've pointed out before, this is my site so I get to set the rules. For you to twist that in such as way as to imply that I'm therefore doing something wrong shows an enormously arrogant sense of entitlement to do what you want on someone else's site.
  • "…You never apologised for referring to me as a Baby Raper, which was what you intimated all atheists are."
    • I have no idea what you are referring to here, but I also know that I would never have done such a thing.
    • More arrogant rudeness, and misrepresenting my patience as a lack of courage.
  • "P.S I am not frigging around with your deceitful tq of bits of a conversation."
    • And, if the above list was not enough, yet another accusation without a shred of evidence to support it.
  • "Either learn to follow a grown up conversation or dont bother talking."
    • Says the person who is rude and arrogant when called on being uncivil. Your credibility in such matters is non-existent.

You are blocked for one month, and even then you will be expected to retract and apologise or justify the above matters when (and if) you return, or your block will be extended. Philip J. Raymentdiscuss 14:38, 21 July 2015 (UTC)

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