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A Storehouse of Knowledge is governed and policed by the following positions and committees.


The Rules of A Storehouse of Knowledge define the principles of this site. They are set by the Site Owner.

The Regulations of A Storehouse of Knowledge:

  • Elaborate on the rules
  • Provide minimum and maximum penalties for breaking the Rules and Regulations.
  • Set out the structure, mandate, and procedures of the various committees.
  • Are set by the Policy Committee.

The Rules and Regulations are listed here.

Special note: Initially, the Site Owner will:

  • Act as each of the committees, until there are enough senior members to sit on the committees. This includes formulating the initial regulations.
  • Appoint senior members to the committees, until it is feasible to have elections to fill the committees.
  • Appoint senior members to the role of Umpire, until it is feasible to have elections for this role.


All members have the ability to block vandals.

Senior Members

Senior Members have no special authority, but are eligible to be Umpires, to sit on any of the following committees, and to vote in elections for the following positions and committees.

In a content dispute brought to the Content Review Committee where the dispute is solely a matter of personal preference, the views of senior members will carry greater weight than ordinary members.


Umpires have the authority to sanction contributors for breaking any of the site's rules. Sanctions include issuing warnings, instructing contributors to not edit specified pages, and the imposition of blocks.

Membership Review Committee

The Membership Review Committee will review the membership status of any contributor upon request.

Sanction Review Committee

The Sanction Review Committee will investigate complaints brought regarding any sanction issued by an Umpire, or appeals of any block issued by any member.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee will perform the following functions:

  • Create and amend Regulations to administer the Rules of the site.
  • Advise the site owner on changes to the rules.
  • Decide on disputes regarding the Manual of Style where contributors are unable to agree.

Content Review Committee

For more information, see ask:Content Review Committee.

The Content Review Committee will decide on disputes regarding article content where contributors are unable to agree, and give or deny permission for articles to be copied from other sites to A Storehouse of Knowledge.


A Bureaucrat can alter the rights of contributors. This is a necessary part of having membership status altered, and of joining or leaving some committees.

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