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NB: As there is no Content Review Committee yet, the Site Owner will act as the committee in the interim, privately requesting advice of others as he feels is appropriate.

The Content Review Committee will make decisions regarding article content:

  • The Committee will resolve disputes regarding article content.
  • The Committee will give or deny permission to copy members' articles from other sources.


NOTE: The structure is a proposal. Please comment on the talk page.

The Committee will comprise five persons. The person with the highest vote will be the Chairman of the committee.

The Chairman of the Committee will select a minimum of three members, on a case-by-case basis, to take part in any review. The Chairman may or may not be one of those three. The three will be selected based on availability, expertise, and rotation. However, the primary consideration is that none of the three are to be part of the content dispute.

If more than two members of the Committee are part of the content dispute, the Chairman is to co-opt other willing members for that case.


  • Any Senior Member with an e-mail address is eligible to be elected to the Committee.

Submitting cases for review

Cases to be reviewed by this committee should be posted on the /cases sub-page.

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