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Although A Storehouse of Knowledge strives to be accurate, the nature of an encyclopædia which can be edited by anyone leaves it open to people innocently inserting incorrect information as well as people deliberately and maliciously inserting inaccurate if not outright false information.

All sources of information provided by fallible human beings should be treated with caution. This includes even printed encyclopædias and peer-reviewed journals. Apart from accidental errors, they, like this site, are all written and checked by people who hold their own worldview, and their information can therefore be biased according to their worldview.

We should all be like the Bereans (Acts 17:11), who didn't even take the apostle Paul's word at face value, but checked even what he said to be sure that it was correct.

As far as is reasonably possible, A Storehouse of Knowledge will endeavor to provide references to its content, to assist with such checking. But the onus is on the reader to judge for himself whether the information in this encyclopædia is of sufficient veracity for their use.

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