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— Rather than only picking apart other people's arguments, I thought I should also say where I stand.

— Responding to the critic's argument that God's knowledge of the future means that it is "locked in", and Free Will therefore doesn't exist.

— The evidence favours the Bible despite unanswered questions


— These are my considered answers to the questions posed by Question Evolution!

— The crucial question for creationists is the age of creation.

— An explanation of the term "Goddidit"

— A response to Awc's "Question Evolution" essay

— A response to Awc's essay, "The Gretchen Question"

Comparative religion

— Analysis of Allah of the Qur'an and God of the Bible shows that Muslims do not worship the same Deity as Jews and Christians

— Do atheists use the term fairly?


— Debating and logical fallacies

— On the conceptions, and interrelations, of infinity, omnipotence, and mind

— Citing opinion instead of addressing arguments

— A type of argument that is counterproductive


— A series of replies to many common arguments against vegetarianism.

— A reply to "Why You Shouldn't Eat Meat", by AD

About the site

— On what an encyclopædia "should" be.

— A parable about this site.

— Proposal to revise aSoK categories

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