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aSK:Membership Review Committee

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NB: As there is no Membership Review Committee yet, the Site Owner will either (a) act as the Committee in the interim, privately requesting advice of others as he feels is appropriate, or (b) appoint an ad hoc panel for individual cases.

The Membership Review Committee will review the membership status of any member upon request. This will include the following circumstances:

  • A request to reduce the membership status on the grounds that the member is not worthy of his membership status.
  • A request from a Bureaucrat to advise on increasing the membership status of a contributor if he feels he requires advice.
  • A request to review the actions of a Bureaucrat in changing the membership status of anyone.
  • A request to promote a person who has sufficient supporting votes but enough opposing votes to prevent automatic promotion.

Except for requests from Bureaucrats, the Committee has the option to refuse a request if it feels that the request is frivolous, litigious, or otherwise without merit.

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