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This page will list important announcements relevant to A Storehouse of Knowledge contributors. The newest items will be listed at the top.

All contributors are recommended to have this page on their watchlist.

This page will include important software upgrades, but less-important ones will only be listed at Software changes.



  • Tue. 14th May, 2013Tue. May 14th, 2013: A Storehouse of Knowledge was down for over three days. As happened two years ago, the hosting service switched it off for overloading the shared CPU, although this time it took longer to sort out, unfortunately. (No, contrary to the impression given by the default page, it was not due to not paying bills.)


  • Sun. 26th August, 2012Sun. August 26th, 2012: The MediaWiki software was upgraded to version 1.19.1. See Software changes and Upgrade to version 1.19. Some things are not yet working. When fixed, these will be announced in Software changes.
    Important: As part of this change, the site was moved from to This is in line with MediaWiki recommendations, but does mean that external links to articles on this site (other than the main page) will no longer work. (A redirect has been put in place so that links to the main page——will still work.) External links to the site itself (i.e. will still work also.


  • Sat. 2nd April, 2011Sat. April 2nd, 2011: A Storehouse of Knowledge was down for over a day. The hosting service switched it off for overloading the shared CPU, but we have now made changes which we hope will alleviate this (but if it doesn't work, we may be offline again, this time looking for a new hosting service).


  • Mon. 8th February, 2010Mon. February 8th, 2010: The Civility breach page was created. All contributors who are inclined to be insulting or rude should read this.
  • Sun. 24th January, 2010Sun. January 24th, 2010: A Storehouse of Knowledge was down for several days as the result of a server crash. See here for details.


  • Tue. 24th November, 2009Tue. November 24th, 2009: The new Copyright terms have been adopted.
  • Sat. 23rd May, 2009Sat. May 23rd, 2009: A Storehouse of Knowledge has been down a number of times recently. The hosting service needed to replace a drive to fix the RAID array of the server. The first rebuild failed, and they had to try it again, and this went slowly, and the server was read-only for a while. The rebuild is now complete, so hopefully that's the end of the problems.
  • Thu. 7th May, 2009Thu. May 7th, 2009: A Storehouse of Knowledge was down for a number of hours a few hours back. This was a problem with the hosting service's server. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  • Tue. 7th April, 2009Tue. April 7th, 2009: Semantic MediaWiki installed. (Further announcements about this will be listed at Software changes.)
  • Sun. 5th April, 2009Sun. April 5th, 2009: You can now nominate a non-member to become a member.
  • Sat. 4th April, 2009Sat. April 4th, 2009: Interwiki links enabled.
  • Wed. 25th March, 2009Wed. March 25th, 2009: New regulation added regarding suitability of external links.
  • Sat. 21st March, 2009Sat. March 21st, 2009: Site launched.
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