See something you'd like to change or add, but you've never edited an open encyclopædia before? This overview was written to help absolute beginners get started.


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Before registering, please read at least the following points:

  • If you just wish to leave us a message, you don't need to register to leave a message on our message page.
  • If you wish to register to fix a mistake you've found, or to leave a message, but don't plan on staying around to contribute more, you can skip the rest of this page and go straight to the registration page. (But make sure you choose a sensible name.)
  • If you are new to Wiki editing you can read our editing for beginners page. If you want to try out editing before registering, you can give it a try in our sandbox.


Registering to become a regular contributor

Before registering, please read the Usernames section below.

If you haven't already done so, you might also like to read more about how A Storehouse of Knowledge is run, although you can leave that until later if you wish. Please see our About page. However, you should at least read our Rules and regulations page as soon as you can.

After you register, please add ask:Notices to your watchlist. This page will list all important changes that, as a regular contributor, you should be aware of.

Don't agree with the site?

If you are not a Christian, or otherwise disagree with the stance of this encyclopædia, but you want to become a contributor anyway, you can!

We do not require that all our contributors agree with us. However, we do require that you accept that this encyclopædia has a biblical worldview basis, and not do anything to undermine that.

You will be as eligible as anyone else to be promoted to Member, and then to Senior Member. You will also be eligible to be part of some committees. However, you will not be eligible to be part of the Policy Committee nor the Content Review Committee.



In an attempt to stymie spammers attempting to register, all user names MUST start with a percent sign (%), e.g. %John Smith. (After you have registered, an administrator will change your user name by removing the percent sign.)

Because A Storehouse of Knowledge aims to be a credible encyclopædia, we prefer that you use your proper name, or a form of it.

However, because we recognise that some people prefer to remain anonymous, or they are already known by another name, we accept that not everyone will want to do this, and we will not insist on a proper name.

Please choose one of the following options:

  • A version of your proper name, such as John Smith, John H. Smith, JSmith, or etc. This is the preferred option.
  • A realistic pseudonym. Many people have adopted a fictitious name under which to write, such as Samuel Langhorne Clemens using the name Mark Twain.
  • A sensible but unrealistic pseudonym, perhaps describing yourself: "Alabama farmer" may be what you would choose if that describes you.
  • Your first name and last initial, such as MichaelR. However, people can easily confuse MichaelR with MichaelP, for example. Try and pick a name that is easily distinguished in people's minds.

Regardless of what pseudonym you pick, if you are happy to reveal your real name, please list it on your user page.

Accounts with frivolous names such as ASDFGHJKL or AAAAAAAA or offensive names will be blocked.

Numbers in usernames

Because a lot of spammers were using names with numbers, creating user names with numbers in them has been disabled. However, if you want to include a number in your username, there are two options:

  • Ask an Administrator to create the account for you.
  • Create an account without numbers, then ask a Bureaucrat to change your username (see next section).

The second option will allow you to start editing sooner than waiting for someone to create an account for you.

Changing your name

Regardless of what name you choose, you may decide later to change it. This can be done by asking a Bureaucrat to rename your account. In this case, the following will occur:

  • Your user pages will be moved to the new name.
  • Page histories will show your new name in place of the old one.
  • Signatures placed on your talk-page posts prior to the change will still show your old name, although the link in them will redirect to your new name.

Unused accounts

We reserve the right to delete user accounts that have made no useful edits (after a minimum of one month, or sooner if blocked). (An example of a non-useful edit would be putting "Hi!" on your userpage. A sentence about who you are or why you have an otherwise unused account would normally be considered a useful edit for this purpose. Obviously, vandalism, including spamming, would not count as useful edits.)

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