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Note: this policy is still in draft form, but is used as a guide in the absence of any more formal policy.



  • All block lengths are maximums, and can be reduced at the discretion of the blocking admin, the Sanction Review Committee, or the Site Owner.
  • Block Review consists of the user being given a temporary block, (1 month) and the case being referred to the Sanction Review Committee who will determine the appropriate action. All 4th offenses (and in some cases the 3rd offense) will be sanctioned via the Block Review method.
    • As reaching "Block Review" levels is an indicator that such breaches are likely to continue, the resultant sanction may be a permanent block, only to be lifted upon application and parole.
  • 3 months is the maximum "probation" period for a sanction level. Likewise 1 week is the minimum period.
    • In order to keep track of this, all warnings and notifications of blocking from Sysops must be kept on the user talk page in an appropriate template.
  • Level 2 sanctions (1 hour block) are generally reserved for those cases where the type of breach can be a "heat of the moment" incident.
  • The presence of these rules does not preclude the addition of rules in the future.

Sanction Levels

Each of the breaches below will be allocated a Sanction Level depending on the type of breach and how often it has been repeated. The levels are detailed in the following table. An editor will remain at a given sanction level for the probation period specified for that level. If the editor breaches again within the probation period, they will progress to the next sanction level up for that type of breach. Conversely, if there are no further breaches within a probation period, the editors "regresses" to the next sanction level down for that type of breach.

Level Block Probation
1 1 second "warning" 1 week
2 1 hour 1 week
3 1 day 1 month
4 1 week 1 month
5 1 month 3 months
6 "Block Review" 3 months
7 1 year 3 months



  • 1st offense: Level 7

Minor, or not clearly deliberate, or trolling

  • 1st offense: Level 1
  • 2nd offense: Level 3
  • 3rd offense: Level 4
  • 4th offense: Level 6

Offensive Language


  • 1st offense: Level 4
  • 2nd offense: Level 5
  • 3rd offense: Level 6


  • 1st offense: Level 1 to Level 3 depending on severity
  • 2nd offense: Level 4
  • 3rd offense: Level 5
  • 4th offense: Level 6

Edit Warring

  • 1st offense: Level 1
  • 2nd offense: Level 2
  • 3rd offense: Level 4
  • 4th offense: Level 6
  • An administrator will determine which form of the page will be kept.
  • The argument should be taken to the talk page. If no agreement can be reached, the content dispute will be referred to the content review committee.

Civility Breaches

A civility breach is insulting someone, using an incorrect negative description of them, using offensive language, or misusing the Lord's name.

The following lists sanctions for a civility breach.

  • 1st offense: Level 1 + an administrative instruction to retract.
  • 2nd offense: Level 2
  • 3rd offense: Level 4
  • 4th offense: Level 6

Failure/Refusal to comply with instructions

A failure or refusal to follow official instructions given by committees and officer-bearers constitutes a breach. The "sanction" in this case will be equal to the duration of the original instruction. "Official instructions" do not include the opinions or advice of editors who happen to be on committees or hold administrative positions.

Appeals and Reviews

The Sanction Review Committee will review any block upon appeal, and will review all blocks of greater duration than one week.

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